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Beau is bad at interacting with people.

You could just stop there, because that's where most people usually stop caring. The truth is, Beau is distrusting, has huge authority issues, uses violence to deal with her emotions, and tends to be so straightforward and blunt that she's a turn off right away. Even when she's trying to compliment people, it usually comes out sounding like an insult.

But look, she's trying.

In fact, if someone would give her half a chance, she'd probably try and smile once in awhile. Being polite, minding people's feelings? These things just don't come naturally to her, and she definitely has never had someone care enough to try and teach her how.

Recently, she's begun to learn a little discipline, developing meditation techniques to deal with her anger issues and martial arts to channel her aggressive energy into something positive, but even those developments haven't come with a price of their own, so coming to the school and trying to be the perfect student? Well, let's just say that Xavier has his work cut out for him.


Beau is a speedster – albeit one who can only control her powers in short bursts. The interesting thing about this is that she doesn't speed up her body when she uses her powers. She actually alters time in a field around her body, speeding it up while the rest of the world moves forward at its own pace. To her, the world looks as though it's slowed to a crawl.

She can't do this for extended periods, but can use this ability to do things like dodge, or even catch moving projectiles, as well as move short distances in a flash. She can't fly, but oddly enough, she can slow her rate of descent if she falls.


Beau is trained in Systema, a Russian martial art, and is trained to use a bo. She's also trained in investigative techniques and a couple of common ciphers. Finally, she's bilingual, speaking both Spanish and English.


Marijuana and mushrooms, drinking (anything but wine), flirting with girls, and fighting.


Beauregard was born in the heart of Napa Valley, the only child to a hateful man and his somewhat less hateful wife. At least, that's how Beau would tell the tale.

Beau's very first problem with her father is the name he gave her. Beauregard, usually regarded as a boy's name, and of French origin to boot, was a family name - one he'd wanted to give his baby boy. Only Beau was neither a boy, nor did she look very French, what with her mom being Puerto Rican. But for some reason, the ass still went ahead with the idea. "Tradition" and all.

They never got along, really. Beau wasn't the perfect son he'd been hoping for, and could never hope to be. Her coming out as a lesbian certainly earned her no points. He tried to get her interested in the family business (one of the world's most acclaimed wineries) by forcing her to handle the vineyard's web page and booking arrangements, but all it really did was make her resentful that she was stuck indoors when she could have been making friends (or girlfriends).

She rebelled in all the usual ways. Piercings, tattoos, loud music. But at some point, he pissed her off just enough that she decided to show him up at his own game. She found a small little plot of their land out of sight of everyone and everything, and she started her own business… growing marijuana and selling it illegally to the local dispensaries. It was good business too. In fact, so good, that she found herself slipping into more dangerous behavior.

By the time her father found out, she'd committed her first felony by the age of thirteen. That's when they sent her away.

The Cobalt Soul Sanctuary was one of those disciplinary schools they sent you to instead of juvie. It was maybe a little more fucked up than most, though, since (in Beau's opinion) it was run by a cult. It was California, after all, so instead of sending her to a wilderness survival camp in Utah, she was expected to learn meditation, mindfulness, and healthy living.

Of course after she was there a few weeks, they started slipping in dedicated martial arts sessions, investigative techniques, and the learning of ciphers into her daily lessons. She was even forced to take a blood test every week. She didn't know what was going on and hated authority, so things only got more intense from there. Going to bed with bruises became a daily occurrence, and not always because of her work on the mats.

But she couldn't deny that it was working. The hand-to-hand and work with a bo gave her anger issues an outlet she’d never had before, and she found herself more capable of focusing on her studies, even if there were way too many subjects than there should be in a normal school.

Then, one day, she found out why.

She was called out of class and marched into the Archivist's office, where he very plainly told her that she was a mutant. The blood tests, he told her, had confirmed it, and while most of the students at the Sanctuary were slated to be recruited by various military forces, the presence of her 'special' gene had changed things.

They had spoken to her parents about a new program, specifically for people with her ‘promise’ and they had agreed. She was being sent away. Again.

To her credit, Beau planned to run away. She probably would have done it, too, if the Archivist hadn't let her see the email her father had written, giving permission. It turned out that he and her mom had gotten pregnant while she was away. It was going to be the boy they'd always wanted.

That's when Beau realized that she had no place to run. It wasn't as if her family was going to want her back. The thought broke her just enough that she didn't even fight them when the men came to take her away to Genosha.

Of course, she never made it there. She was met by another man at the docks who promised to take her away from all of it. He'd get her the training she needed, and she'd be his bodyguard. With the aid of a little mind-control, it sounded like the best of all worlds to her. It wasn't until she started to realize that he wasn't the upstanding citizen he'd pretended to be that reality came back into full focus.

When some kids from the Xavier's school showed up to rescue another mutant, she defected and found herself at yet another school (and probably another cult if she had to be honest with herself), but at least at Xavier's she could make her own decisions for once.