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Welcome to Academy X, a journal based RPG based on the X-Men fandom. Activity centers around the students of the Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters, mutant teens learning to control their abilities and training to be members of Charles Xavier's first teams of X-Men.

The game takes place in the current day. While mutants have existed in very small numbers for thousands of years, they are newly revealed to the general populace - and tensions are already rising. No violence has yet occurred, but there's been grumbling. A group that calls itself the Friends of Humanity has been one of the most vocal opponents, and a Senator named Robert Kelly is preemptively calling for mutant registration. On the opposing side, a mutant calling himself Magneto has already publicly coined the term "Homo Superior".

Professor Charles Xavier, a mutant himself, hopes that conflict can still be avoided, and has quietly begun reaching out to the young mutants he's located through use of Cerebro, a machine he created to expand the reach of his already formidable telepathic powers. He has a dream of peaceful coexistence, and envisions his students combatting threats both from and against the mutant community.

Does his dream have a chance? We'll find out.

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